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209 Rocked by Recent Violent Crimes

In the past few weeks, a series of fatal violent crimes have unfolded across Stockton.

A 15-year-old girl from Stagg High School was stabbed on campus on April 18. She was rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible, but sadly she didn’t survive the attack. The person responsible for her death was found and taken into custody. The motive for the incident is currently unknown.

On April 20, 2022, the suspect in the shooting of a 9-year-old girl was just arrested. The Stockton Police Department recovered five handguns in the suspects’ possession during the arrest.

Stockton Police responded to Applebee’s on March Lane after the restaurant reported hearing gunshots or fireworks on April 22. It was said that at least one bullet went through one of the Applebee’s windows. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still unknown.

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Finally, a man was arrested for pulling a gun on some Lincoln High School students. The report said that while two students were walking home, a third student approached them, trying to steal the other students’ bike, and then engaged in a fight over the bike. That is when an adult showed up with a gun and pointed it at one of the students. Those involved and on the scene contacted authorities immediately, and the students ended up being ok but what had happened to the adult is still unknown.

Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln said that since then (and the event happening at Stagg), the city has increased patrols at schools where school resource officers and Stockton Police are contracted.

“Unfortunately, we can’t predict, and we can’t prevent every act of violence that occurs,” Lincoln said. “But because of our efforts, law enforcement branches are able to do their job, respond, and detain the suspect,” he said. “Those kids are safe today.”

The mayor further encourages parents to feel confident in sending their kids to school across Stockton and advises them to reach out to their respective school districts “for additional information that will give them the peace and confidence they need to allow their kids to return to school.”

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209 Rocked by Recent Violent Crimes