Bumping into a Stranger Wins $10 Million Dollars

LaQuedra Edwards won $10 million in the lottery by accident. The story behind her lucky day was that she had a $40 allowance for lottery vending machine tickets, and a rude person bumped into her, which caused her to press the wrong button. Fortunately, the control she pressed was for a $30 ticket. Edwards’s good fortune occurred at a Southern California supermarket on April 7th, 2022.

According to msn.com, “She usually chose the cheaper scratchers but accidentally hit the $30 ticket.”

As she was in her car scratching, she noticed that she had just won $10 million. The odds of getting the winning ticket is 1 in 3 million, which is crazy. She was shocked when she won the $10 million and even checked her lottery app to see if it was true.

If I had been in Edwards’s shoes, I wouldn’t have believed I won $10 million from the lottery ticket. It’s also crazy to think about how one person who bumped into her changed her life. Lastly, “She wants to buy a house and start a nonprofit organization” with her winnings.

What would you do when you found out you had just won $10 million?

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