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Students Honored at First Annual Cougars Choice Awards

First Annual Cougars Choice Award Winners

There was excitement in the air last night at Weston Ranch High School. Maroon and silver streamers danced quietly in the doorway while glittery stars lit the way to tables for those in attendance. Students and teachers in the packed gymnasium sat shoulder to shoulder, anticipating the upcoming gala.

Weston Ranch hosted its First Annual Cougars Choice Awards last night, and what an evening it was. In a touching tribute, the guests of honor were treated to a celebration of thanks and were shown how much they are appreciated for all the great work they have done both as students and as young people. In all, 80 students were presented with Cougars Choice awards.

“Our main goal was to make the evening memorable for those honored students,” said event planner Sylvia Berchtold. “This evening is something we don’t always get to experience as teachers, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a magnificent evening.”

Weston Ranch teachers could invite one student who has demonstrated the qualities of our Cougars Rising program for the past eight months. Students who reflected the vision of Weston Ranch High School and who showed the heart of who they are and what they valued earned the honor of invitation. The Code of Honor is at the core of the Cougars Rising program, and each of the invitees was definitely the heart and soul of the new program.

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“I am so proud of our event,” Berchtold added. “I believe it was a success just based on the look on the student faces as they entered, the laughs and smiles throughout the night, and the sense of pride beaming from them as they left.”

Mr. Torrente, Ms. Barahona, Ms. Burrows, and Ms. Esenwein each shared personal stories about their students.

“It was so touching to hear the teachers give speeches about why they chose their students as their guests,” said orchestra director Elyce Speckman.

The whole night felt like a Hollywood-type affair. Students were the stars, and they knew it. In addition to the celebrating, students and their nominating teachers were treated to photo opportunities, a PowerPoint slide show where those in attendance could read why each teacher selected their students, and a wonderful dinner. The school orchestra also provided beautiful musical selections.

“The Cougars Choice Awards felt like a very unique event,” said
Speckman. “I’ve never attended an event so focused on thanking the students that impact US as teachers. I also loved that the orchestra students got an opportunity to perform in a completely different way. We had fun preparing for the event and learned a lot from it.”

As the evening concluded, Principal Troy Fast thanked those in attendance and encouraged the students to continue to be the change. It was a powerful night and a powerful message from the school to the students.

“Overall, my heart is so full,” Berchtold concluded. “We had a long list of accomplishments. The gym looked amazing, we had a delicious dinner, and every step of the process shined. We had such a positive response from staff and students and look forward to next year’s celebration.”

Mr. Fast welcoming all in attendance
WRHS Orchestra ready to perform

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Students Honored at First Annual Cougars Choice Awards