Cougars Kick off Multicultural Week


The Weston Ranch Cougars Advisory Committee hosts its first annual “Multicultural Week” beginning March 28. The festivities will include a “Multicultural Night” and conclude on Friday, April 1.

The Cougars Advisory Committee comprises an inclusive group of students and meets once and sometimes twice a month to discuss campus needs. Topics include safety, academics, academics, athletics, basically anything on the campus where students can have their voices heard. Currently, there are 17 students on the committee.

“The Cougar Advisory Committee is an extensive group of different types of students on our campus,” said school principal Troy Fast. “Committee members represent all students from first-year students to senior, but it’s also comprised of some student-athletes, some involved in the arts, some who participate in clubs, and some who are looking to get involved or are already involved.”

“During the meetings, I open it up to the students. They inform me about what’s going on on campus and what needs attention. They also let me know about their concerns and what they would like to see.”

Senior Nachel Sandhu had the idea to embrace culture at the school. And it was through her leadership Weston Ranch brought back Multicultural Week to the campus after a long hiatus. So, Sandhu and the rest of the advisory committee shared their ideas about highlighting the various cultures on the campus the Multicultural Week was the outcome.

“We all wanted to express and expand on the diversity at Weston Ranch,” Sandu said. “We came up with the idea of holding a multicultural night and having a culture-inspired spirit week.”

Weston Ranch has a rich and diverse culture. Students on the campus know about diversity and have always accepted each others’ differences. However, they needed a way to embrace diversity.

“The purpose of the multicultural week is to draw awareness to a specific culture’s traditions and practices (something to do with food, music, or clothing) but not on display for everybody to see,” Fast said. “Students may see one group and say, ‘oh, this may be some students in this culture,’ but not see them together. They may not understand the cultural differences. So this is just a week for students and staff to have conversations—and to highlight is what some of those wonderful cultures bring to our campus.”

“What sets our campus apart is our inclusion,” Fast added. “And the students’ acceptance of and inclusion of different cultures. Weston Ranch is a unique place, and I think that’s what makes it pretty special. We’re all pretty different, and this will be a great week to celebrate the differences.”

Multicultural Week kicks off on Monday, March 28, with “Wear Your True Colors.” Students are encouraged to display their county’s colors or flag’s colors. Tuesday is “Go Team Go!” Students can wear their country’s most-played or valued sports gear. Wednesday is “Let’s Celebrate,” and students will represent their country’s favorite holiday. Thursday is “Embrace Day,” and students can wear cultural clothing to school. Friday, the final day, is “Unity Day,” and students can wear school colors.

Sandhu added, “The campus involvement has grown and exceeded my expectations this year,” she said. “We’ve done a great job of changing our campus culture and getting rid of the negative perception sometimes associated with Weston Ranch. We have such a diverse campus and a rich culture, and this week we should be grateful for Weston Ranch.”