Art Club Painting a Bright Picture

Art, creativity, imagination, and talent. We see them all around Weston Ranch High School, however, we also have a club which highlights these individuals on our campus. The Art Club’s motivation is to raise school spirit among the campus through their art. Currently the club is working on a mural for the football team to do just that–raise school spirit. The mural will depict a cougar with different carcasses of the different mascots they have defeated, past and current. They hope the mural to be done by the end of the month. Club president Rehnsi Campana hopes the mural leaves “everyone hyped up.”  

Apart from the mural, the club is incredibly versatile and changes according to the times.  

The club president explains, “Not really a specific thing, it kind of depends on planning and depending on what’s happening around us like the winter concerts.” During the winter concerts, the club did face painting along with their art show, which was a success among the concert audience. Nonetheless, they do wish to do more in the future such as something during Valentine’s Day.  

With clubs, fundraising is important to keep clubs afloat. With the art club, their art skills and creativity come into play. Their main form of fundraising is face painting during events, such as the winter concerts, which seemed to be a hit among both the younger and older audience.  

As for the future, they don’t have much planned as they plan things on a fly, but their main goal currently is to finish the football mural which we are very excited to see!  We will keep you posted on their progress.