Animals at SeaWorld Need Compassion

SeaWorld is portrayed to be a safe place for sea animals to perform stunts in front of crowds of people. However, people don’t know how these animals are being kept in small enclosures that limit their swimming space and freedom. Animals are being captured and put the work against their will. Being trained every day for upcoming shows drains them physically and mentally.

In addition to getting trained, they are being trained in minimal water areas. Performing stunts in shows stresses the animals and put their trainers at risk of getting seriously hurt. The longer these animals are kept in these enclosures and are put through stressful training, their aggression increases.

The animals were supposed to be set free multiple times, but the risk is that they wouldn’t understand how to keep themselves alive due to being held captive for so long. Although they might not understand their ways yet, Sea World should move them to larger enclosures to have more freedom.

In her documentary, “Blackfish,” director Gabriela Cowperthwaite tells the story of an aggressive killer whale who has taken the lives of three people. The documentary shows how this killer whale’s aggression has increased as he moves to different places. In addition, it offers how little we know about how intelligent these animals can be and what they can do to people.

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