Why are the Lakers Underperforming?

The Los Angeles Lakers were a fan-favorite and presumed title contender at the beginning of the season after they had acquired Russel Westbrook. But unfortunately, this all went sideways for the organization after players and coaching staff have not shown up when needed the most.

In his 19th season and at 37 years old, Lebron James has been playing exceptionally well being an all-star game captain and is considered one of the best in the league as of right now. However, the team has been unable to develop any team chemistry due to injuries hindering the teams playing time together. The addition of Westbrook, who has been known to be traded to teams and then doubted whether he would fit in, has proven people wrong multiple times in the past. However, this season, Westbrook hasn’t adjusted to the team due to injuries. Whether it’s Anthony Davis or James, injuries keep sneaking up on the Lakers.

The organization can be in danger in the future because they traded a lot of picks and young players to get the team they currently have. They gave away many assets in the hope of winning another championship, but the organization might regret trading away their future for the current Lakers.

Coach Frank Vogel has also been in the hot seat and maybe replaced shortly due to his lack of defensive impact. When the Lakers won their NBA Bubble chip, they were a top 2 defensive team. However, last night, they were ranked 24th in the league in points allowed, giving up 112.4 per game (LA Times).

So, the Lakers have to figure it out quickly if they plan to continue into the post-season.