Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Menzel

Edward Menzel

Edward Menzel

This week’s teacher spotlight is on Edward Menzel. Mr. Menzel is a campus favorite amongst students here at Weston Ranch, and it is our pleasure to highlight his story this week. Ms. Lewis is a good teacher and is always friendly to her students. Mr. Menzel is a very well-liked teacher on campus. His efforts to make our world a better place are greatly appreciated.

“I enjoy teaching here and helping kids with any problems,” Menzel said. “I also love working with the staff members here at Weston Ranch.”

For those who don’t know, Mr. Menzel is a Special Education teacher here and an assistant coach for the Boys Varsity Basketball team. He gives a lot to the school and the basketball program. He makes sure all his students receive equal treatment and teaches them well. His efforts in improving the basketball program have also added to his list of achievements. He will do whatever it takes to help with whatever needs to be done. For example, he stays late nights at the gym to set up a tournament without anyone else’s help. After 15 years of coaching, he still finds it fulfilling work. He puts a lot of effort into coaching these young men and teaching his students.

“I enjoy coaching because it allows me to form bonds and connections with students and families over something they are passionate about,” Menzel said. “And helps them prepare for their future through the sport.”

The Prowl wishes to thank Mr. Menzel for spending time with us. We encourage all students to appreciate his hard work and be grateful for his efforts to make the students, the campus, and the basketball program perfect examples of the good things Weston Ranch offers.

Coach Eddie Menzel and head former basketball head coach Chris Teevan
2020 Athlete of the Year Gavin Wilburn surrounded by family and coaches Chris Teevan and Eddie Menzel