Rising Temperatures and Our Health

The weather has gotten warmer and warmer as time and long hard years go by. Not only is it getting warmer in the spring, and especially summer, it is heating up in the winter. Unfortunately, as the temperatures rise, so do our environmental concerns.

This year for most people, it has not felt like winter towards the middle and end. Instead, it has felt a little more like spring weather than your typical winter weather.

We would typically view summer as the fire season because of all the wildfires and how much it damages everything on earth around us. Rising temperatures created a harmful environment for us, especially a harsher one towards others. We have had some of the hottest summers these past few summers. With having sweltering weather, fire dangers rise. As I mentioned above, it does some very harsh damage to us and the plants.

Winter does not get dismissed with this weather either. On the contrary, this winter has been getting warmer than usual, as we all have felt. But this warmness that is slowly developing even more, could potentially hurt us even more.

The typical cold days would help get a break from mosquitos during the wintertime. Well, as of now, we are entirely wrong. Mosquitoes like being in the high 50s – 80-degree weather. These mosquitoes bring and carry diseases of many kinds, including ones we may not even know of and are unknown.

Therefore, while we can’t control the temperatures, there are ways we can work together to decrease, fix, and possibly reverse some of the manufactured problems.

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