Students Celebrate Black History Month with Art

In honor of Black History Month, students in Ms. Esenwein’s art classes created door decorations and hung them on the counselor’s doors

Ms. Esenwein’s fourth-period class completed the tribute for Ms. Wheeler’s door. The workload was divided into sections—different groups of students did other pieces until the piece was combined to make the picture depicted below.

Ms. Esenwien’s class said it took two days to complete the piece. Over those two days, the students found the project tiring yet rewarding. Ms. Wheeler responded excitedly when she saw the students come to hang up the decoration, claiming, “she loved it.”

As the students carried the completed piece to Ms. Wheeler’s door, the office staff looked over interested, and some even asked when their door decorations would be completed. But both the office staff and students were confused about holding the piece on the door: the weight would cause it to fall eventually. So finally, both counselors and students found a permanent solution with a lot of tape, leaving an outstanding and meaningful art piece behind.

Ms. Wheeler
Ms. Saecho
Mr. Gonzalez
Ms. Carmona