Waiting on Windows 11

Windows 10 was released on July 2015, and ever since then, people have been wondering if the motto of “the last version of Windows” would be true or not, if there would be a Windows 11. 

In June 2021, fans got their answers, as Windows 11 was introduced, being released later on in October of that same year. But even though it’s been 4 months since it’s release date, Windows 11 has only been able to be used on select devices, so there hasn’t been any testing for any computer outside of the Surface Pro’s.  So while we’re waiting for Windows 11 to be released for the rest of us, let’s see if it’s worth it to install it or not. 

Windows 11 boasts that it will have a more streamlined desktop, but along with that, there will be a multitude of other features, including the introduction of most android apps being available to download, so you don’t need to go onto the horrendous TikTok app to watch those shorts and can just go on the official TikTok app, and gaming items from the Xbox, such as Auto HDR, which automatically converts SD graphics into HD. 

Included with those features are the ability to create virtual desktops, allowing for games to be played on one desktop and work to be shown on the other, each with their own background so you know what to do on one desktop and what’s on the other. 

All in all, Windows 11 is a much more improved operation system than Windows 10, but we just have to wait for it to come out for our computers. 

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