Winter Fest Door Decorating Crowns Ms. Chavez’s Class the Champ


Winning Door by Ms. Chavez’s Class

Winter Fest wraps up today, and the door decorating winner was announced. Congratulations to Ms. Chavez and her students for securing the top prize.

All classrooms received an invitation to participate in this week’s activity. An independent panel judged the entries. In addition, doors had to include one of the week’s themes in the design.

Chavez and her class took home first place. In second place was Ms. Esenwein’s class; Ms. Speckman’s class took third; In fourth place was Mr. Hager’s class; Ms. Lewis’s class rounded out the winners and came in fifth place.

Ms. Esenwein’s 2nd place door
Ms. Speckman’s Class-3rd place
Mr. Hager’s class-4th place
Ms. Lewis’s class -5th place