CAJE: A Great Class to Get Physically Fit


CAJE Class putting in work

CAJE—Cougar Administration for Justice Education—is a physically extensive PE class taught by Mr. Torrente, a former aviation commander and “a fitness trainer to help prepare soldiers for fitness.” The fourth-period CAJE class is only in the spring, the second half of the school year.

Operating out of his classroom and on the track field, Torrente’s class focuses on endurance running and cardio, slowly transitioning into weight with the cardio workout over the term. The end goal of the course is to be able to pass the Navy and Marine fitness exams.

According to Mr. Torrente, CAJE is “what’s left from a criminal justice program” for anyone interested in joining the police, firefighters, or military-related work. CAJE PE is a physical course focusing on passing the fitness exam of any of these career paths.

Mr. Torrente, a former track athlete in his high school years and retired aviation commander and captain who oversaw the fitness exam, begins the class with a two-mile fitness test to gauge the students’ current fitness level. After the test, groups are made where individuals with similar run times work together and promote a positive and comfortable exercise environment.

“I really like the class. I always recommend it to people who have a PE class,” states Louise Valle, a returning CAJE student.

Another CAJE second-time athlete Heidi Aguilar mentioned, “I like Mr. Torrente’s energy level, and he motivates everyone.”

As for the students, Sahibjot Singh finds his classmates to be “nice and helpful—they’ll cheer you on, and they’ll do it whether you’re stronger, faster, or even if you’re slower.”

Valle added later, “I wanted to get fit for fitness tests; last year, I joined because I wanted something in law enforcement—a police officer, and I know you had to get testing for that. It has helped me a lot because if I hadn’t joined this class, I wouldn’t be working out, so it helps me a lot with fitness.”

For more information about CAJE, see Mr. Torrente in room 703.

Mr. Torrente
Sahibjot Singh
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