FFA to Begin Selling Valentine Candygrams

FFA will begin to sell Vantine candy grams in the coming days. FFA hopes the proceeds will lead to more supplies and activities for the school and FFA itself.

FFA members in Ms. Gutierrez’s class will solicit orders, and they will create and deliver the candygrams for you. Then, most likely, FFA will deliver it to the classroom of each recipient.

It is recommended to buy at least one of these candies because they taste fantastic. Each candygram comes with a rose and a Hershey Kiss for $5 or a bag of kisses for $3. You can also gift these candies to your friends or a “close friend” you have, so this is a great opportunity.

You can purchase the Valentine candygrams in room 702 or 907 or directly from an FFA student. The money they raise will go towards supplies and future activities. The Vantine candygrams will start selling soon, so be ready to purchase one.

For more information, talk to Ms. Gutierrez in room 702 or 907.