Switching to Glide: eSports Gets New Equipment Thanks to Donations


Newest additions to eSport club

eSports, a club for gamers and fans of video games and a club in its second year here at Weston Ranch, received a considerable boost to its existence. Club adviser Rebecca Hunter reached out for help, and the community responded in force to help eSports secure the needed equipment to push the club to the next level of gaming.

eSports offers members several opportunities to expand on their day-to-day classroom responsibilities. First, it puts students in collaborative roles to gain confidence in problem-solving and socializing. Second, eSports provides an inviting environment where participation is high, which leads to higher levels of learning and growth.

“Students need to be in a classroom that is both engaging and inviting,” Hunter told The Prowl. “Students also need a place where they can go and just be themselves and unwind, which in a large high school can be difficult.”

So, with logistics in place, Hunter needed to upgrade the club’s equipment to help the students. However, unlike athletics, eSports isn’t funded directly, so Hunter asked for help. Thus, she reached out to the community via DonorsChoose.org. This non-profit organization helps public school teachers get resources for their classrooms.

“I have been bringing my family’s Switch to my classroom for club meetings, but I thought it would be better if we had one available that didn’t have to go back and forth home when we meet,” Hunter said. “These items will allow me to provide a safe, fun environment for students wishing to find a way out of their shells and create friendships.”

Hunter said a total of $767 was collected. The most significant contribution came from PandaCares, the philanthropic arm of Panda Express, which is committed to bringing hope to youth across the country. So, with the help from DonorsChoose, PandaCares, and friends and family, eSports got their wish and received their funding for the new equipment.

“Video gaming is an excellent way for students to relieve stress and anxiety in a safe environment,” Hunter said. “They need a place where they can truly feel at home and comfortable where they are free to make mistakes and learn to work with others to achieve a common goal.”

eSports meets Tuesdays in room 406 during lunch. All are invited to come to watch, learn, and play.

eSport President Ryan Hunter unpacks a box
eSport club members look at their new gaming equipment