Professional Athletes and Social Media

We all have people that we look up to. For example, you may look up to your favorite artist, your parents, your teachers. Likewise, a lot of people look up to their favorite athletes. So the real question is, how can professional athletes influence and impact people by using their platforms?

Many professional athletes have become very vocal and raised awareness of things going on in the world right now. Many fans look up to their favorite athlete because most athletes start in challenging places and make their way up from those tough places. For example, Lebron James was just a kid from Akron, Ohio, who went through some tough times in his early years. LeBron’s mother was 16 years old when he was born, and she raised him as a single mom, struggling to find steady work until he was nine. Lebron’s father was never there, and if he did have a “father figure,” those guys were always getting in trouble with the law. Nevertheless, James overcame those early days of struggle. Nowadays, Lebron James is a household name, and many people support him as one of the best basketball players in this day in age, but many people also look up to Lebron as a hero.

Social media is a place where many athletes promote programs to raise awareness. Professional athletes make an impact because they can use their big platforms to support organizations, petitions, groups that can make our world a better one. Athletes are consistently held to a higher standard than the average media user. With thousands of fans observing what athletes post or upload, a constant eye is watching over their actions. While having many supportive fans who watch what they do, many fans will do anything to get close to them and support their support. Media can also play a positive role in an athlete’s life, but only if players use it to their advantage. Athletes can use social media as a platform to interact with their fans and with people within the surrounding community.

So yes, athletes can have a significant impact on our society. It depends on how those athletes use their platforms and use them correctly. Many athletes have ride-or-die fans who will do anything for them and support fundraisers, petitions, groups, and organizations.