CLUB SPOTLIGHT: A Taste of Culture

There is a new club on the Weston Ranch campus. Recently, Mr. Watson, one of our Social Sciences teachers, created a food club/cooking club called “A Taste Of Culture.” The new Club will focus on different cultures through its food.

“I was inspired to create the Club by the amazing diversity of my students in my classroom,” Mr. Watson said. “I’m always looking for ways to learn about my students. For example, I often inquire about what they had to eat for dinner. Being a history teacher, I thought it would be cool for students to learn about the cultures of their peers by eating and learning about their food.”

The Club meets every Monday and Wednesday in room 1101 at the start of lunch, while they usually cook the meals on Friday. Mr. Watson hopes that students join the Club to learn about cultures they may not know about and enjoy their food.

According to Mr. Watson, “The current membership is under ten people, but the ones that have shown up seem motivated and eager.”

The Club is still trying to gather cooking supplies and other materials through funds and organization, but they seem to have a good amount of supplies at the moment. The Club is hoping to get more members, so if anyone is interested in joining the Club and learning about different cultures, drop by Room 1101.