The Pros and Cons of Online vs. Physical Learning

This past year has changed in so many ways. Our homes have become our offices, our rooms have become our classrooms, our computers have become our teachers. Students have significantly been affected since we have had to learn from home. So, the real question is, do students prefer to learn from home and online or learn at school in a classroom full of students?

Students like to learn in different ways. Many students prefer online by a Zoom meeting, and others prefer being physically in a classroom full of students and getting physical lectures. These past two years, we have experienced learning online due to the pandemic. Learning in a pandemic has been a new experience because students have been used to learning physically at school. Many students would say that they like it, but many people would also disagree.

In mathematics, students were projected to show even smaller learning gains from the previous year, returning with less than 50% of typical gains. So, online learning has been challenging for some math students.

Many students would say that they prefer learning in person because they feel better understood. Many students are also motivated to learn in person because now they must be engaged in their learning. Meanwhile, online, there are issues like the internet not working, devices dying, electronics not working, and many other things.

Many students liked distance learning because they didn’t have to get ready for school. They can wake up and hop in class. So some benefits of learning online were not getting affected by the virus. Another thing was that students had the advantage of attending classes from any location of their choice.

But overall physical learning is better for the students when it comes to education. It’s less distracting for students when they’re at school to learn. They will get better academic learning and learn. Students will also get more hands-on when it comes to learning in person as well.

Overall, it all just depends on the student and what they prefer. Everybody learns differently. Maybe someone feels like they can learn better online, or they can learn better in person. It just depends on how you think and what you think is better for you. You do what you feel like can help you learn and benefit you when it comes to learning.