Cougars Fill the Field for Fright Fest


WRHS and the ASB hosted the first annual Fright Fest on October 29. Gates opened at 5:30 PM and closed 15 minutes later, thus locking everyone in Halloween style for the fantastic night of campus fun.

“We had over 300 kids attend the event, and ASB cleared more than 1200 dollars in ticket sales,” ASB adviser Mr. Basepayne said. “What a successful event it was.”

WR students filled the football field with their chairs and blankets. Clubs sold snacks and hosted games while listening to great music. And the evening concluded with the movie Insidious.

“We had another eight clubs participating in that event as well, and they all did very well with the items that they sold,” Basepayne said.

Overall, the first Fright Fest was the beginning of a great tradition that hopefully will continue for school years to come.

“What was the most impressive part of the evening (outside of Mrs. Cervantes’ Pozole) is that it went as smooth as possible, where all the students were cheerful and thrilled to have something like this on their campus,” Basepayne said.

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