Is Euthanasia Moral?

Is euthanasia immoral? One of the essential controversial topics for many to choose to take the life of one living creature?

To understand if it’s immoral is to know what euthanasia is, which is to take the life of one out of mercy, whether peacefully or painfully. To many, it is a way of understanding or religious people who believe that if they are euthanized, it would be horrible to end a life earlier than due. Christians think it is a sin to take a life or to pass before your time on earth is done. Others would argue that doctors should not cause harm as they have sworn never to cause pain to a patient unless to help them, that would help them or harm them.

The main topic is euthanasia morally a good decision. Some might ask, “what does it mean to be moral or immoral” many philosophers have stated that being moral is to help all that lives. Would that mean euthanasia will help people who are hurt beyond repair or let them live with horrible pain and could no longer do anything but breathe? Many people want to live until old age and die peacefully in their sleep, but that is not the truth for most people. But some could make the same argument that euthanasia is helping those who want to end all their suffering but is that moral or immoral?

It is moral to end the life of those who wish to stop suffering. However, it is impossible to convince everyone that it is good to end the life of anyone suffering. It is not bad, but it is also not good to end the life of others out of mercy to help.


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