Importance (or Evils) of Social Networking Websites

People use Social Networking Websites can for many things, mainly social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. But, unfortunately, social media use can be helpful as well as harmful.

Social Networking Websites have a plus side to them. Entrepreneurs can promote their businesses on these social networking websites, gaining more publicity and more people interested in their business. Viewers can get breaking news and essential information instantly when they open the social media app of their choice. Other Influencers or Entrepreneurs can support each other and share business ideas, which is good to keep all types of businesses running. Marches and events for Awareness can also be shared more on prominent social media apps and websites to increase the number of people who pitch into those things.

Social Networking Websites can be dangerous to those who go on them if they are not careful. Some of the dangers of Social Networking Websites are Cyberbullying, Hacking, & Privacy Issues as hackers and trolls on the internet try to get into people’s data like IP addresses, house addresses, phone numbers, etc. There are also ways these networking websites can misdirect a reader’s direction to click on links linked to frauds & scams or lead them to dead ends of information that does not help society. People can become addicted to social media apps as certain things can constantly draw people into doing something. Mental Illnesses can also come aside from being too invested in social media. Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, self-harm, and other psychological conditions can emerge if too invested in them.

Overall, Social Networking Websites or Apps can be dangerous for all types of people on the internet. Whether it’s business owners to an average person as a person’s data could potentially be found out by hackers. It is always important that people watch what they do on the internet because it can come back to hurt them in the future. Social Media Apps also is helpful because they can create connections between business owners, family, friends, and random people on the web. These apps help entrepreneurs profit by spreading their content around the web so potential customers can see it.

Regardless of whether social media apps are good or bad, we know that social media is something everyone can share, so all we must do is practice caution or accept the consequences.


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