Instagram Addiction

Is there really such a thing as an “Instagram addict”? Are there really people that can be addicted to social media? Is it possible that people will do anything for even just a little bit of fame? In my opinion, yes, some people have become the true definition of an “Instagram addict.”

Addiction is a real thing that can occur when people become obsessed with a substance, thing, or activity. Instagram? What is Instagram? If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve been missing out on quite the lot. Instagram is known as a photo and video-sharing social network platform. Instagram was such a good idea, and over time more and more pictures and videos are shared each day.

People base their lives around it or include it in their lives, but why? Sometimes people want to show off or meet new people, and now people mainly want to become famous. But, believe it or not, some people have made themselves a presence on their platforms.

The term “Instagram addict” or an “Instagram addiction” comes from people on the platform, where they want to take pictures/ videos of everything, doing lots of things for their viewer’s entertainment. Some people who get to this state tend to become successful from it, but people lost their lives over ridiculous circumstances that wouldn’t have occurred if they hadn’t thought to have taken a picture or a video. People sacrifice themselves because of such absurd things that they’d do just for a little bit of “clout” or fame when people get glued to the thought of it. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter to them what they must do for their end goal of popularity.

Using Instagram can be fun, but there are always consequences from your choices. So always practice caution and use care on any social media platform.