Success 101 Students Shine in Mock Interviews

Students in Ms. Lewis’s Success 101 classes spent the past two days in mock interviews. On October 4th and October 5th, all freshman Success 101 spent the morning interviewing for jobs. Not real jobs per se, but each student participated in a culminating activity to see what it’s like interviewing for jobs.

“This is the first year I’ve helped the students with this activity,” said Success 101 teacher Ms. Lewis. “The kids were nervous, but most came back and said it was a good experience.”

After completing a job search, application, writing a cover letter, and creating a resume, all ninth-grade students had an interview in the library or different rooms on the campus with the teachers, school admins, and district office members. Thus, each student “interviewed” for their prospective mock jobs, answering questions usually asked during real job interview situations.

“The interview was fun, but I was really nervous,” said Success 101 student Lillian Boosalis. “Mr. Fast was my interviewer, and he was really nice and supportive. When I finished, I felt I accomplished something good.”

After completing the 15 question interview with their mock employer, their interviewer evaluated the students in several categories, such as appearance, eye contact, enthusiasm, and responses to the questions. The interviewer also provided constructive feedback to the interviewees to use in the future.

“All teachers and administrators who helped us gave the students great feedback,” said Lewis. “A lot of feedback was about how prepared and mature the students were.”

Success 101 is offered to first-year students and covers a lot of necessary ground all freshmen need to consider during their first year and apply in the years to follow. In addition, Success 101 helps every first-year student create and follow a 10-year plan. This plan gives the students ideas to navigate their learning to keep on track with their dream and goals.