The Correlation Between Money and Happiness

Does money translate to happiness? The most common answer to this question is “no,” money will not buy happiness. I find this oddly ridiculous. With enough money, you can make your dreams come true. I can almost guarantee that I would be happier than I am right now if I had 10 million dollars. Not everyone is like me though, so the real question is: What makes you happy?

Are you in search of real love? Does a loved one who has passed away make you happy? If you can’t answer my question, you’ll never know what makes you happy as a person, and that can be a bigger problem for you than anything.

Almost everyone should be able to answer that question. Once you have found a couple of things that make you happy, you can answer my question: Can money buy happiness?

If you were lonely and all you wanted was a life partner, and that would make you happy, depending on the person, no amount of money would make them like you. But, to be loved by a person, you need to better yourself and guess what, money can do that for you. Money can help you better yourself, which eventually should lead to finding the right person for you.

Here is what Jade Wu from Psychology Today says about money buying happiness, “More money is linked to increased happiness, some research shows. For example, people who won the lottery have greater life satisfaction, even years later. Money, in and of itself, cannot buy happiness, but it can provide a means to the things we value in life, such as free time and peace of mind.”

She makes some excellent points in her article, but at the end of the day, everyone is different, and for some people, money is everything, while others find happiness through life, not money.