Parental Roles in Children’s Future Decisions

Parental experience plays a vital role in their children’s lives. Nowadays, many kids would say their parents want a say in their child’s future, like academics and professional and personal lives. 

Some parents tend to push their dreams on their children. Some parents push their children so they will take care of them when they’re old. Either way, some parents can be very harsh and too hard on their children. 

Research indicates that when students feel supported and loved by their parents, they have more confidence in their ability to research careers and choose a career that would be interesting and exciting. This research is necessary because studies show that adolescents who feel competent in decision-making tend to make more satisfying career choices later in life. (Keller 2004).  

Tips to help your child’s career development: 

  • Encourage your children to get as much education as possible. 
  • Help them to discover their innate talents and skills. 
  • Develop their knowledge of the world of work. 
  • Teach them decision-making skills. 
  • Value gender equity and cultural diversity. 
  • Become aware of career resources/ education and training opportunities. 

Parents should encourage their children and always be their #1 fan no matter what. Parents can do a few simple things to bolster their children: be involved but not in control, advise but do not decide, support but do not dominate because that will make your child 100% successful and confident in their future.