USA Water Polo Increases Visibility with New Platform

USA Water Polo has launched a new membership platform. Launching on September 1, USA water polo looked for new ways to deliver digital news and announce events.

The platform was created with the collaboration between USA Water Polo and the sports technology specialists, Sport:80. The platform has been in the works over the past six months before its announcement.

According to USA Waterpolo, “Our immediate goal is to ensure this new platform launches without any lapses in critical member services. This includes membership renewals, ID verification, management of certifications, event registration, background screening, and SafeSport training, alongside several other areas.”

The new platform was created to improve the stability and functionality of USA Water Polo’s digital member services. In addition, the new platform allows them to increase the range of online services to members. It is also to realize that efficiencies throughout the organization allow staff to invest more time into developing water polo.

According to USA Waterpolo, “This move allows us to continue to grow, future-proofing member services as it brings with it the flexibility to evolve.”

Sport:80 will be working closely with the USA Water Polo staff during their multi-year relationship to ensure the new platform keeps up with the evolving needs of USA Water Polo and its extended network.


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