Take Climate Change Seriously

We all know the different seasons such as fall, winter, spring, summer but what happens when the season changes drastically or has long term weather effects? This is climate change. There are different opinions on whether climate change is real or not. Although climate change has been proven by the environmental damage caused from the change in weather.  

From ‘Climate change: what is it, Causes, effects and solutions’ by Sentient Media; Most western nations: United states, Australia, Canada don’t feel the drastic weather changes like other outside nations do. Most of these nations produce more Carbon therefore the more carbon produced the more heat from the earth, the sun will absorb and reflect. There are multiple causes that produce climate change. But there are causes that are from our environment such as driving vehicles, flying in airplanes, and eating meat. Climate change is important because we want the human population to survive, but how can we survive If people continue to live in ignorance and ignore climate change?  The way we treat the earth can either have a grateful impact or consequences towards our survival.  

Climate change has become more deadly to our environment. The article ‘Why Climate Change Is Still the Greatest Threat to Human Health’ by Amy McKeever, we learn the health problems that can be affected by climate change. Such as the pollution from the air, the heat from heatwaves, the smoke from wildfires. The increase of climate change is Reducing the amount of food that is available, increasing infectious diseases, and mental health.  

 Scientists and environmental activists have been putting out ways to help people learn the effects of climate change by sending early heat warnings, and dedicated cooling centers, more resilient supply chains, and freeing healthcare facilities. According to the articles ‘What we can you do to help?’ by NASA and ‘What can we do to stop global warming’ by David Herring, we can slow global warming down by, switching to solar and wind to power our homes and buildings. Driving electric vehicles, or taking public transportation, limiting how much carbon dioxide we use. We can also turn the lights off when finished using them, turn the faucet off when brushing, take shorter showers, recycle, throw away garbage. Although you may feel this isn’t doing much, you’re doing more than enough!  

Climate change is stressful, it is worrying society on how we’ll be able to survive. During this pandemic, it gives us an opportunity, during isolation we can take the time to figure out ways on how we can help climate change. This is a matter that is taken in our own hands, and we have the power to change it. “This is our hands to do”, Nadeau says from the article “If we don’t do anything, that would be cataclysmic.” 


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