Schools Need More Choices for Sports

Sports bring people from all backgrounds together. No matter your skin color, age, or where you’re from, sports can either bring you together or make you hate each other. There are many sports from all over the world, and since the USA is the most diverse country in the world, you would think we would have more sports represented from all over the world to reflect our country’s diversity.

And while there may be plenty of sports to choose from all over the world, MUSD lacks diversity in its athletic team sports choices. Should our school district provide more sports for their students? The answer is yes.

We have many students from all over the world, and I think they would be glad to know that a sport from their homeland is being played here in the US, not to mention how many people will get together to watch the sport and have fun. For example, rugby is a sport that MUSD can offer students. Rugby is played all over the US but not where we live. It’s a great competitive sport that can become the next popular sport in our district.

The game of cricket is another example of a sport played around the world. Twenty million people play cricket worldwide today. However, in the USA, it is not as popular. But for some international students, cricket would be a good fit here in MUSD.

Who wouldn’t want to watch two schools battle it out on the field playing rugby or cricket? Sports bring us together, so there are many benefits to offering new sports.