Who Wants a T-shirt?


At the beginning of this year, Mr. Windschitl reached out to his TA’s for help. He wanted help with his blossoming idea of printing t-shirts for the school and its community. The idea came to fruition, and both he and his classes have supplied t-shirts to clubs, sports, and staff.

Under the supervision of Mr. Windschitl, the class uses the machine called the Riley Hopkins 300. They put ink into this machine over the design, put the shirt under the inked screen, and push it down onto the shirt to print said design. A simple process has increased Weston Ranch community awareness and saved the school a lot of money since they can print in-house.

“You could rep your community with a shirt. That’s all you need,” said TA Sohail Begg.

However, where did this inspiration come from in the first place? Mr. W and his TA’s wanted to use this merchandise to bring people together and build a healthy community within this school.

“The kids worked very hard, and they’ve been successful since the start of the year. I’m very proud of them,” said Mr. Windschitl. “We wanted to take a moment to recognize 6 of our students that have worked hard to help kick start our Cougars Rising program. Over the past month, these students have worked daily to print and produce the 500 t-shirts for the program.”

Those six students receiving praise from Mr. Windschitl are:  Alexis Arroyo, Luis Arrelano, Devin Dural, Daniel Aguilar-Sancez, Sohail Begg, and Jordan Esqueda.

Although you cannot buy them directly, some of these shirts can be awarded and given to you! The same is true for the bracelets that are being made. This merchandise, as stated earlier, can help represent our community. As Cougars, it’s our job to be proud of our students and staff. As students, we should represent our community with pride, and these shirts can help us do just that.