Choosing the Right College

Being a senior and applying for the right college can be tricky; it gets more challenging without a guide or a helping hand.

A lot of circumstances come into choosing the right college for you. An Ivy League college may not always be the right choice for you if you can’t afford it. A common misconception is that a well-known college will give you a better education than a community college. That’s not always true. It’s what you do with the information provided that counts.

In its article titled, “How to find your perfect college match,” said, “Always remember your future success is largely determined by you, not your college. College is what you make of it. So, you can go to any number of the thousands of colleges and universities in the United States and graduate ready for whatever the real-world throws at you.”

So, if you want to become wealthy and successful, it’s up to you, not your college.

If you’re a senior and come from humble beginnings, a big-name college might not always be the best for you unless you have a full-ride scholarship. On the other hand, there is no shame in going to a community college, although there could be shame in attending college and giving up. Remember, whatever college you end up going to, at the end of the day, it’s you who’s going to need to put in the hard work and become successful.

The Odyssey recommends going to the college itself and asking the students how the programs are and if it’s worth going to. If you pick a community college, make sure that it has good academics since the college you choose plays a significant role in future job opportunities. And most importantly, make sure you pick a college that has your major; what’s the point of going to a college where they don’t have a major for you?


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