Class of 2025 Attends Cougar Convention

Walking into a brand new school for the first time presents many challenges. First, there’s the confusion of where do I go? Navigating a school campus is challenging enough, but when you consider that the new place is twice the size as the one you’re used to, indeed, one could feel a bit nervous. Second, there’s the natural anxiety of being the new kid. Walking onto a high school campus for the first time fills the stomach with knots and butterflies. One may wonder will I fit in? Will I make friends? Will I figure it all out?

Today, incoming first-years at Weston Ranch High School took their first steps to address the challenges by attending the annual Cougar Convention. All new students met in the stadium, toured the campus, and got to know where everything is. They hope they will begin the first day (August 4) with the knowledge they belong, how to make the first year spectacular, and what it means to be a Weston Ranch Cougar.  

“It was a great turnout,” said Activities Director Clayton Basepayne. “To see all the kids and help them be successful is a great opportunity. Our goal was to show the kids this is a great place to be, and they’re going to be part of something terrific in the next four years.”

Students in the stadium were entertained by guest speaker Jeremy Bates, who gave the students a good look at high school life and what they should expect of themselves as incoming students. After the initial meet and greet in the stadium, students toured the campus, received their student IDs, and got familiar with the expectations for the campus.

Weston Ranch High School welcomes our new students. It is a new beginning in more ways than one this year. Since none of us knows what the future holds, the idea of new beginnings can feel terrifying at times. However, if you focus on being optimistic and encouraging, starting afresh can be an exciting time. Welcome aboard, Class of 2025.

Jeremy Bates