Thank you, Class of 2021

The following is from Ms. Barahona to the Class of 2021…


Class of 2021, you are my heart
from bell work to essays and music trivia
together we learned, you as a student and I as a teacher.
You were the first to call me Ms. Barahona or Barahona (which I have grown to love)
making me feel a part of the Weston Ranch community.
You taught me patience like no one else except maybe my son,
how to slow down, that positive energy matters,
that we all come with a story,
that connection and visibility might be more important than your essay writing,
and lastly that vulnerability is the ultimate strength.


I hope that I have validated you as a young person
as you have validated me as a teacher.
I hope that you felt seen, heard, and supported.
I hope that you see the value and importance of empathy, vulnerability, and community.
I hope that you continue to grow into the kind young people I know you to be.
I hope that you keep in touch so that I can continue to celebrate you.
I hope that I taught you the importance of being humble and true to yourself.


Thank you for allowing me to push you and pushing me right back.
Thank you for reminding me of my purpose.
Thank you for reminding me we all have a story when I forgot.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your moments and to be there for you when you needed it.
Thank you for allowing me to witness your growth and celebrate it.
Thank you for showing me your true selves, being open to grow and learn from your peers and me.


I will miss your energy, our conversations,
our laughs, talking sports, and learning together.
You became my home and safe space as a teacher
and there will never be a class quite like you.
You will forever have a part of my heart.
As I approach saying goodbye, I can’t help but, of course, shed tears, I wouldn’t be Barahona if I didn’t, right?


I wish you all nothing but the best in your bright futures
and I am ALWAYS here as a sounding board and your biggest cheerleader.