Pros and Cons of Mass Media

First, what is “mass media?” Mass media is, in longer terms, a part of everyday life and is where we get our news/information. The most basic types of mass media are newspapers, radio, magazines, television, and the internet. These types of information are sent out to the public, where everyone can see these messages and have their own way of responding to them. Generally, the public uses mass media to provide information on political issues, entertainment, social issues, and pop culture news. If not everyone, the majority uses these sources to get their fill on upcoming news.

Over the years, mass media has evolved significantly. In the past, when television and the internet still did not exist, the most common source of information was the newspaper. The newspaper featured stories written by journalists to provide the public with the latest or current news. However, these were not as widespread as we are now, with technology in our possession. With the internet and television, viewers can access current news and information much faster than how it was with only newspapers. To find a specific article in the news, you would need to buy a newspaper and search through it to find the right report required. Now, you can go onto the internet and search up whatever you need information on and find it easily.

However, the effect that the mass media has had on society is much more harmful than some believe. With the rise of social media platforms and many article websites, people can spread misinformation (getting information wrong on accident) or disinformation (getting information wrong on purpose) and still believe them. Rumors can be spread after someone says something, and clips of people speaking can be edited to make them look bad. It is usually the unauthorized headlines that harm society. This does not mean that mass media negatively influences culture exclusively. There are still situations where it can affect us positively, including helping each other in cases of natural disasters so people can empathize with ones in need and help them.

In conclusion, many people can come across different types of information through mass media, and they can choose whether they want to believe it or not. The influence that mass media has on us as a society is crucial, whether positive or negative. As citizens, everyone should be responsible for what kind of information they take and verify any news before spreading it. Some news can always create a serious impact on society.


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