Emmarie Iv-Sim

As this school year is ending and the seniors on our campus are graduating, I would like to spotlight a senior who is very dear to my heart and is one amazing person I met in my first year and she to this day is someone I love dearly.

Emmarie Nyla Iv-Sim or Emmy is a very warm-hearted, energetic, and ambitious person. She would like to be remembered as a good student who did her work and worked hard to achieve her goals. She would like someone to smile when they think of her or hear her name, knowing that she is accepting and never judgmental.

When Emmarie was young, she would imagine herself being a detective. In the next ten years of her life, she sees herself becoming a future school psychologist and being very successful.

Throughout her four years of high school, Emmarie has been very successful academically. She played softball for two years; her positions were pitcher, right field, and second base. She is currently in theatre and has been since sophomore year. She has been cast in many roles and has been in several plays. She was also in FFA and participated in competitions, and went to FFA conventions. She enjoys theatre the most because it helps her see a different perspective from her own and how theater enables students to learn about themselves, society, and life.

She is proud that she started playing piano at seven years old and took dance classes. She had many recitals for dance and piano. So she feels proud of herself for accomplishing so much at a young age.

She will miss some of the things after high school, like the rides after games, theater plays, Friday night lights, and always having friends around. One of Emmarie’s most enjoyable classes has been English 3 with Ms. Riley. She loved engaging in the class. Her favorite memory from high school would be going to the FFA convention in Anaheim for a week. We also went to Disneyland. It was so fun, and she says she had the best time.

A person who she admires so much is her mom. Her mom is always there for her whenever she needs her, no matter what.

“She is always there for me, but every day she will go to work and do her best so we can have everything we need,” Emmarie said. “My mom is the kind of person that can voice her options, one that can speak to people and some who can find a way through any situation. These are some of the reasons I admire my mother deeply.”

Emmarie would like to travel to Amsterdam. Amsterdam has so many historical places and beautiful monuments, including Anne Frank’s house and the Van Gough Museum. Her one wish would be to travel anywhere for free. She would like to do three things in her lifetime: travel all 50 states, change someone’s life for the better or make a difference in their life, and publish her own book.