Moderna’s COVID-19 Seems Safe for Teens

Since the Covid pandemic began, a rush to make a vaccine has been one of the major parts of the news. Ever since vaccines have been released however, things have died down a bit as more and more people get their immunizations. The first vaccines released were meant for people 16 and older, but that has changed plenty since Moderna released their newer vaccine indicated for younger teens, ages 12 – 17. So far, it has been a success since records say that immunization has been 96% effective in children in the age range for doses.

According to CNBC, Moderna had raised its 2021 sales forecast for its vaccines from $18.4 billion to $19.2 billion. Pfizer, another company that had made a different vaccine, predicted that their full-year sales would be $26 billion. Stephane Bancel, Moderna’s CEO, stated in a press release: “In the first quarter, the Moderna team delivered on its supply to commitments to many governments and helped protect more than 100 million people.”

Moderna had come out and given a trial for their vaccines for children 12 to 17, and over 3,000 participants had gotten in. This trial was to test how adequate their immunization was, and the plan had come out to be nearly perfect. They will still come in 2 doses as the first vaccines, and they may be required to take once a year as the seasonal flu vaccine.


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Moderna says early data shows Covid vaccine is 96% effective in teens (