Every Lie is Two Lies

To be honest, some people lie because they believe the truth is unfavorable to them as a person. People lie to make themselves look better or avoid the consequences of accepting a fact-based reality will bring them. Fear does not exist. Fear only exists in mind.

When you lie, you empower your fears. You let them have power over you. Fear fights, but fear does not exist. Have you ever been terrified of something, only to find out that it isn’t such a big deal when it happens? The fear of it causes the pain. You made something from your mental disturbances.

When you lie, what was successful only in your thoughts takes on greater meaning and magnitude because you acted on it and made it real when it wasn’t. That isn’t even the most severe issue. But what happens when everyone knows you’re a liar? That you’ll go to any length to avoid a situation that makes you look bad? That you will adjust the facts based on your level of comfort? This is what happens: Your adversary can meet with you privately and say all the right things. They can tell you precisely what you want to hear. You’ll walk away from that meeting saying how great it was, how everyone agrees with you, how much they adore you. Then your opponent can claim that you made it up. THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO LIE. They are free to say whatever they want about the conversation. If everyone knows you’re a liar, they can say things like, “He’s lying, that’s not what I said.” That was never agreed upon. THIS is what we agreed on.” And now the world is wondering if you are a fool who sold yourself short.