Senior Ready to Sail Off into the Sunset

With senior year coming to an end in less than two weeks, I would like to remember my last four years at Weston Ranch High and the amazing experiences. Coming from a school outside of Weston Ranch, I met many new people; technically, everyone I met was new. I didn’t find a specific friend group until my second term of freshman year. I did not last my four years being friends with that first group, but some people have made a significant number of memories with me.

One of the more memorable experiences I have is my basketball season with the Weston Ranch cheer team. From the games to the practices and rallies, I loved my experiences with the team—the girls I got to know more, and the experiences from practice and my fondness for cheer. I got to experience the boys basketball team dominating the court and becoming the California Northern Regional champions. I want to thank Coach Lexi and Coach Arleen for the experience on the team.

I would also like to thank all of my teachers for their work and their experiences in their classes. I remember my classes from freshman to now and the knowledge I have gotten from every single one of my classes. The classes I have taken have had many where I didn’t enjoy the subject but enjoyed going to class because of the teacher and how conversations with certain teachers came so easily and were so enjoyable.

So this is my thank you to the Weston Ranch staff and community for my last four years.