Taking Care of Senior and Special Needs Pets

This story dates back to 2013. A man named Steve Greig brought joy into the world when his story went viral on the internet. After Steve’s dog passed away in 2013, he was devastated and wanted to adopt another dog.

He said in an interview from Today.com, “It was devastating. After a few months, I finally decided I needed something good to come out of his death.”

He went to the animal shelter and adopted the eldest dog they had, a chihuahua. This dog was not only old, but it had a heart murmur and four bad knees. He decided he wanted to adopt a dog that was most likely never going to have a forever home, not any animal but ones who are old but ones with special needs.

So now Steve takes in all types of pets such as dogs, rabbits, pigs, and more. This story was written years ago, but there are still update articles on him and his pets. I think it’s beautiful that instead of just adopting a young animal, he takes in the ones that won’t even get another glace at the animal shelter and gives them the best life he can give them. Steve has 1 million followers on Instagram currently where he posts all of his senior animals. His Instagram is @wolfgang2242 if you want to check out all the cute pets he owns. His Instagram username is named after his first dog, Wolfgang, that died from being hit by a car.

This story may be old, but it’s something to think about and enjoy. How many of you would go out of your way and pick the older animal than a new one when adopting? Older animals are less likely to be adopted since most rather pick the healthier younger animals for pets. Doing kind things in this world, even if it’s small, can significantly impact somebody, just like Steve did by adopting these animals. So, after reading this, think about what you can do to make this place a little bit better. Because what you do matters, no matter how minor the gesture is, it can make somebody’s day.


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