Cougars Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

The 4th of May was an exciting day for all of us Cougars.  Students at Weston Ranch celebrated Cinco de Mayo the day before as the campus is on Distance Learning on May 5th.

Many did not know that we would have a live band, Los De La Finca, playing during both lunches. Ms. Cervantez was also selling drinks and, to accompany it, a Mexican snack, Duritos, that came with your choice of lime and hot sauce. Many students enjoyed hearing the live music, and there was even a performance from the Pride dance group.

“It was something new, and it was great to see everyone was having a good time, appreciating a little part of the Mexican culture and heritage.” Los De La Finca’s main singer, Fausto Esquivel, said.

Senior Hector Lafayette was called up to the stage to sing, and he serenaded us with the love song, El color de Tus Ojos.

“It was a good and nervous experience,” Lafayette told The Prowl. “It was good to try something new and push out of my comfort zone. It was my first time singing in front of such a big crowd, and I enjoyed every single second of it.”

Overall, it was an excellent experience to treat Weston Ranch Students to something so great. It was great to treat students to something so spectacular now that the year is ending. Hopefully, we will have more experiences and events like this in the future. GO COUGARS!!!

Ms. Cervantes
Sophomore Ivan Guerra enjoying the treats
Cougar Pride Dance Club