More Teacher Appreciation

“A teacher that has done great in this school has been Mrs. Chavez. I have been in her plus leadership class since sophomore year, and I think it has helped me a lot. Thank you for having patience with our class and giving it your best efforts, especially during distance learning. If you haven’t heard it today or this week, you are doing a fantastic job.”-Jacquelyn Espinosa

“My favorite teacher so far has been Ms. Trejo. I was in her biology class because she was a long-term sub. Ms. Trejo was chill with us in the classroom, and what was fun was that she always took the lessons in a chill way and didn’t trip about the powerpoints. We also almost every week did hands-on activities which made learning about biology more fun. Another thing that also helped a lot was the people I was in class with, I was a freshman, and high school was different for me, but the new people I met made my experience better. The most significant memory I have from that class was when Ms. Trejo said if we got an answer right, she would give us donuts the next day, and we did get it right as a class and watched a movie and ate donuts as the last few weeks of the term concluded.”-Fausto Esquivel Rodriguez

“I would like to say I appreciate Mr. Hegyi. I have been a student at Weston Ranch for two years, and of all the teachers, I like Mr. Hegyi the most. He is outgoing and a great sense of humor. He was my freshman year Physics teacher, and it was one of the best classes I have been in since I joined Weston Ranch. We always had a good time, and if you were ever down in class, he would always ask you if everything is ok. I really hope I get to have him as a teacher again. We still talk from time to time, and every time we do, he has a big smile on his face and seems to be so happy here.”-Penny Hunt

“One teacher I always appreciate is Mr. Schultz. He is a very approachable person and is comfortable to be around. Mr. Schultz is very kind. He reminds students about their work and makes sure the work gets done. I appreciate Mr. Schultz.”-Kainalu Ramos

“Ms. Hunter, an Algebra teacher, has stood out to me significantly. Regarding this year and how tough it has been for many students and staff alike, her lessons and perseverance should positively affect us throughout all of this. Despite the occasional tech problems and how difficult it has been to be teaching online exclusively for a long time, I think I can praise her as well as all other teachers. I look up to many teachers, as well as other students. I look up to them, admire them, and respect them as much as any other person should. Teachers around the world do so much for us, and Ms. Hunter is a prime example.
As much as I dislike anything elating to algebra, Ms. Hunter has changed my mind a bit and has made it a bit fun for me. Because of this class, I have learned to appreciate algebra a bit more and have fun with some topics, no matter how confusing or complex they can be. The same could be said for other students besides me in her classes. Besides her fun lessons and assignments, she’s known for being very relaxed and sweet in class. All in all, she is a very admirable teacher. She deserves praise and respect for being able to do the thing she’s been doing, as should all the other staff members in this school should get.”-Samantha Salindong