Even More Teacher Appreciation

“A teacher I appreciate is Mr. Windschitl. He was my teacher for Digital Photography at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. When I was in his class, he didn’t make anything seem hard to understand; everything he said and wanted us to accomplish was straightforward. He’s one of the chilliest and coolest teachers in Weston Ranch. If you were in his class, you would have to try to fail if you failed his course. He would let you make up any assignment that you missed, and he would understand if you couldn’t do the homework that week. We need more teachers like Mr. Windschitl at Weston Ranch and in every school in the world.”-Amandeep Singh

“I appreciate our geometry teacher, Ms. Nelson. Ms. Nelson is kind, respectful, and really listens to her students. I can talk about soccer, food, and even personal problems. I feel like she is connected with you like no other teacher, so I want to say how much I appreciate her. Ms. Nelson makes learning fun. Today we did a fun activity with chalk, and I understand the lesson more. Another time Ms. Nelson gave me extra credit for doing something so simple, and it helped my grade a lot, so I really appreciated that.”-Angle Zapata

“For teacher appreciation week, we were asked to write a story on which teacher we appreciate the most. During these challenging times, all the teachers really stepped up their game and really tried their hardest to help students achieve their proper education goals. All of the teachers deserve an appreciation story. Since I do not know all the teachers nor had all of them, during the Pandemic, the teacher who helped me get through it is Mr. Salas.
Mr. Salas has gone out his way to make sure his students understood the work that is being taught. He is funny and makes learning fun. He is very patient when it comes to helping us students learn. I have Mr. Salas for Algebra 2, and every time I am struggling with one of the lessons, he will sit there and explain it and go over more problems until I understand. I have a great appreciation for Mr. Salas because he is one funny and awesome teacher.”-Katie Torres

“There are many beautiful things when it comes to teachers and their way of teaching the class and developing a good learning environment for the students. A Teacher is a person who mentors not only in academics or in grades but citizenship and everyday life. That’s why teachers’ appreciation week is a week where we can acknowledge and honor teachers for their hard work and efforts.
I want to give Mr. Cerezo (Colonel) a big shoutout for being the best coach out there for tennis. Even though Colonel was not my teacher, I treated him like a teacher because of his patience and determination to mentor youth. I love how Colonel is patient with his students and his athletes. He is always encouraging to others and is a great person. I thank God for putting Colonel in my path, and I would like to thank Colonel for bringing that motivation to play tennis in my life and that energy and positivity.”-Hector Lafayette

“The school year is almost over, so before everyone goes on vacation, why don’t I take five minutes to thank my teacher, Mr. Leland. I am grateful to you for everything you taught us this semester. I enjoyed our class discussions, and while your assignments were challenging, I learned a lot from you. You’ve been the best teacher I’ve ever had. You’re funny, and you have the most grateful nature I’ve ever seen in my life. You are the best teacher I have ever had, from India to America. I never write thank you essays to teachers, but you deserve to be respected and thanked. I may not always say it, but thank you, Mr. Leland, for all of your extra efforts to help us grow and the challenges you encourage us to face to help us become who we are. You are not only our teacher, but you are also our friend, authority, and guide, all rolled into one. I am incredibly thankful to you for your encouragement and kindness in assisting me in discovering who I truly am.”-Gurkirat Kaur