Cougars Show Appreciation to Teachers

“Although I’m not in Mrs. Schuessler’s class anymore, I always felt that her classroom was always such a positive environment. One of those teachers you can automatically tell is really caring and is passionate about her job. I had her last year when the school campus was shut down because of covid-19, and she was always so understanding if we had any issues whatsoever, so that’s something I’m sure all her students appreciated greatly. Mrs. Shuessler was always so enthusiastic in class, which definitely lifted my mood whenever I wasn’t feeling great. I’m so grateful to have had her as a teacher, and I hope I’ll have her as a teacher again.”-Lilia Padilla

“There are so many wonderful teachers at Weston Ranch, but I would like to appreciate one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Esenwein. I had Mrs. E last term for intro to art, and it was one of the best classes I have taken so far. Not only is she charismatic, but she is also so fun! I always enjoyed her class because she has the best attitude towards her students and had interesting activities, like going in our backyard and making art from things such as rocks, leaves, and grass. I’ve always had a passion for art and making things and having Mrs. E as a teacher was so inspiring because she taught me so much in that class and got me to do more paintings. No other teacher is as energetic and full of life as she is, and I’m glad to be taking another class of hers my senior year. My favorite memories were the days we would go on campus because face-to-face conversations were always so fun. Such a wonderful, full-of-life person, even when we were strictly distance learning. I am grateful to have had her this school year, and I can’t wait for the new skills to learn from her next year in advanced art.”-Morgan Bessler

“For Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to give thanks to Ms. Cole. Ms. Cole has always just been a fun teacher to be around. She isn’t dull and melancholy. Whenever we play sports, she is always there cheering on the teams. I’ve had her as a teacher for two years, and I can say that she has to be one of my favorite teachers at Weston Ranch High School.”-Angel Diaz

“One of my favorite teachers that I have had in my four years of high school would have to be Ms. Beaty. She is a teacher I barely had this term, but I regret not having her earlier. I have to admire her hard work ethic and her teaching style. She made learning about science so enjoyable, and her class was one of the favorites of my entire four years. She is very enthusiastic; I could walk into her class being tired and not wanting to work and walk out of her class laughing. She understands that not everyone can keep up with the speed of the assignments and lets us know it’s okay and to try our best. She is someone with a great spirit around her; she can light up your day in an hour. Ms. Beaty is someone who has given advice that you can remember for years on end. Her hard work ethic is inspiring, and her stories are admirable. Thank you, Ms. Beaty, for making one of my least favorite subjects into one of my favorite classes I have taken.”-Elia Duran