Indoor Sports Lose When Fans Cannot Attend

As everyone knows, most of the sports have started their season or their season has finished already. With multiple sports co-occurring, all the outdoor sports can have an audience at their games while the indoor sports cannot because of the possibility of students and staff getting COVID. Though this is happening, most of the students who play indoor sports are upset that they cannot have people watching their games just because they are indoors.

There is a greater chance that students and staff can get exposed to COVID-19 if they are inside, while being outside can let everybody practice social distancing. Players on teams such as basketball and volleyball are given four tickets for ONLY parents and guardians to attend. When you go to the game, you are being checked for it to keep track of everybody who goes in and out just in case they have to contact trace students. While this is a great thing to do health-wise, most students’ parents cannot go to games because of employment obligations, siblings and friends are the ones to watch them. Since we cannot do that anymore, more students get discouraged from playing.

When there is an audience, players are prone to play to the best of their ability. Having friends and family sitting in the audience can inspire those playing because it can inspire them to strive for greatness. Since indoor sports cannot have many people there, some players do not get the same motivation that they used to get.

Since most of the sports at our school are outdoor sports, students can enjoy watching them play girls soccer, boys soccer, football, girls tennis, and boys tennis. However, volleyball and basketball, two sports that bring the most significant groups to our school and games, lose out on the crowds.

It is unfair to those who play indoor sports because fewer people can attend their games, so not many can support them, but anybody can be supportive outdoors. Either way, all the people who attend outdoor sports games are still at risk of getting Covid-19. In fairness, if people cannot go to all sports games, nobody should go to the games. Without the crowds, the game atmosphere is diminished, and some of the fun, for both the athletes and fans, is lost.