Finding Happiness Takes Courage and It’s Hard Work

If I ask you, “Are you happy?” what would you say? Perhaps you might reply, “Yeah,” or “Kinda.” So What is happiness? What is being truly happy mean?

If most people were asked if they were happy or not, depending on the situation, their answers might vary. If they think you’re a good listener and can be entrusted with keeping a secret, they might tell you how miserable their life is. A wise man once said, “If you want to know if someone is suffering, tell them what makes you suffer and they will bombard you with their suffering.” So that is one of the reasons you won’t see wise people talking about “How bad of a hand life had dealt them.” They know that others will bombard them with their suffering if they reveal one sad part about their life. It’s like people enjoy comparing their agonies. If competing for wealth, power, and social status wasn’t enough, people have now started to compete for who’s got it worse.

EVERYONE IS SAD (except few individuals who have won at the game of life). The writer of this article and the reader, and even the President of the most powerful country in the world, gets sad. We, as humans, never become happy! It’s hardwired; it’s in our DNA. When we think that we are so glad, we are just choosing to ignore our agony to feel a slight sense of accomplishment and joy temporarily. There will always be suffering on the human level.

Critical-Thinkers are usually the ones with the most pain. They abuse drugs and alcohol to fall from their human consciousness to the same levels as animals. Shoving your consciousness down from the group of humans to the animals is easy. But doing the work to raise your consciousness from the humans to the level of GOD is “Mindbogglingly difficult” (but you can do it for free, and there is no harm).