Weston Ranch Center Soon to Add Much Needed Retail

The Weston Ranch Community has waited more than 20 years to have new building sites. A proposal for new retail to be built on the Northeast Corner of Carolyn Weston Blvd & Manthey Rd in Weston Ranch may soon be a reality. Proposed initially on January 19, 2019, The Prowl learned that the Weston Ranch Center would add a Starbucks, 7-11, and Planet Fitness.

According to the Weston Ranch Forum on Facebook, there was a meeting with the developers on April 15, 2021. Building One will be the 7-11, and it will not be selling alcohol, depending on the ABC permit. The second building will be Planet Fitness, and the third, being Starbucks.

Many years ago, the City of Stockton wished that area to have apartment complexes, but the community voted no and wanted stores to be there. Building on that empty land will be an outstanding contribution to the community. Adding all these new buildings will give great job opportunities to high school students and locals who need employment opportunities. Those who cannot afford to shop in other locations or can’t drive yet have these new close-by stores to browse and to seek possible employment. Having more of a variety of stores out in the Ranch will be beneficial to everyone, especially since everyone wants buildings to be built on that land that has remained empty for years. There are plans also to have a phone company, most likely AT&T, be in the new building center.

For more information and updates, check the Weston Ranch Open Forum on Facebook.