COVID-19 Vaccines Helping U.S. Reach Milestones

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been an enormous rush by healthcare workers and scientists around the world to create a vaccine to help slow the spread of the virus and to help people return to a usual way of life. Now that several vaccines have been released to the public, many Americans can finally feel safer outdoors.

There are two doses of the vaccine required for them to work on the person, and according to NBC News, one in four U.S. adults is fully vaccinated. This is a significant milestone, showing now that close to 25% of adults in America have taken both vaccine doses. A study also shows that at least 40% of adults and 70% of seniors have received at least one dose.

The COVID-19 vaccination efforts in the U.S. began in December last year and eventually accelerated significantly with the addition of the Moderna vaccines. The states of California & Illinois (not excluding others) have their reopening plans tied with the hopeful success of vaccination efforts. This will also determine the safety to resume large gatherings. The other States such as South Dakota, Alaska, and New Mexico have surpassed the national average, fully vaccinating more than 30% of their adult populations!

Since President Joe Biden’s election, he pledged that up to 150 million shots would be administered in his first hundred days. He extended that mark to 200 million in March. Ever since then, 2 – 3 million shots are given each day. It is estimated millions of vaccine doses will be produced and given out by summer, and our country will soon reach many more milestones.