It’s Time to End Bigotry

I believe that in today’s culture, the word bigotry is tossed around a lot. As a culture, America isn’t racist. Go to almost every other country in the world, and you’re going to see a far worse one as it compares to the bigotry of a nation.

There is no single rule today that provides one race opportunity or freedom and is not granted to another. Everyone in America, in other words, is handled fairly. It doesn’t mean that ignorant people don’t exist, but they’ll always be there. There are white, black, and Asian racist people, but the system is not racist. My basic argument is that, and still will, bigotry persists in people, but America and the system as a whole are not discriminatory in any way. Racism is a compelling issue, and I hate to talk about it if I’m frank.

I believe America is one of the nations with the most racial equality. The same chances to succeed and prosper are open to all races. Bigotry suggests that black people should not have equal treatment as white people. I enjoy seeing black doctors, business people, and other staff because I know how hard they’ve worked to achieve their goals and dreams. The successes of people should be viewed equally, regardless of race.

Such topics are not taught to too many children because they think children can live innocent and blissful lives. I assume that as soon as possible, the structure can adjust. Unless society is dead, I do not think bigotry will come to a full end.