Check out the Weston Ranch Forum on Facebook

What can we do to get more involved in the community? A great way to be more engaged in the community is by checking out the Weston Ranch forum on Facebook.

The forum was created by David Jackson approximately five years ago and now boasts a group with 6k members. Joining the group could be a great way to stay connected and get more involved with your neighbors around you. Everyone in the forum is welcoming and considerate of any questions you may have about anything going on in the community or just recommendations.

It is also a great way to promote a business. During tough times a community like this is excellent since it’s full of people from various talents and backgrounds who encourage and help one another.

On the forum, there was posted a free Fit Camp held by Anissa Yvonne. This event will be held at Paul E. Weston Park. It started on Monday, March 29th, and runs Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:15 pm and at 4:30 pm on Saturdays, meeting in the Ishi Goto parking lot. The Fit Camp is a great way to connect with your community and get a great workout.

This Facebook Community page is filled with a variety of recommendations, questions, and businesses. Anybody that lives in Stockton/Weston Ranch should look into joining the forum.