NCAA Basketball Tournament Proves to Be a Bracket Buster

March Madness got underway this year and completed the surprising first four days with a lot of upsets.  For those who like to fill out tournament brackets, this year’s field proved the doubters wrong and frustrated 1000s of would-be prognosticators.

The first bracket buster and biggest upset had (15) Oral Roberts beating (2) Ohio St., by the final score of 75-72.

Elsewhere, (12) Oregon St. got the win over Tennessee, and they won by 14 points. (9) Wisconsin beats (8) North Carolina by a surprising 23 points with the final score of 85-62. (13) North Texas and (4) Purdue faced-off, and North Texas took home the W earning a 9 point victory. (10) Rutgers beat (7) Clemson to move on to the second round. (11) Syracuse beat (6) San Diego St. by 16 points and moved on to the second round. (10) Maryland took home the victory over (7) UConn with a 9 point win. (13) Ohio with the big win against (4) Virginia with the final score being 62-58. (11) UCLA beat (6) BYU by 11 points and moved on to the second round. A down-to-the-wire game between(14) Abilene Christian and (3) Texas had AC winning, 53-52.

the upsets continued in the second round, starting with (8) Loyola Chicago beating (1) Illinois by 13 points and holding Illinois to shoot under 30% from the 3-point line, and Loyola moved on to the Sweet 16 where they will play vs. (12) Oregon St. (11) Syracuse surprised everybody and beat (3) West Virginia, by 3 points. (15) Oral Roberts beat (7) Florida to become the second 15-seed ever to make Sweet 16. (12) Oregon St. beat (4) Oklahoma St. to move on to the Sweet 16. (7) Oregon took home the W over (2) Iowa, and the last upset of the second round was (6) Southern California upsetting (3) Kansas by a surprising blowout.

When the dust settled after the exciting first weekend, the teams playing in the Sweet 16 are (12) Oregon St. vs. (8) Loyola Chicago, (5) Villanova vs. (1) Baylor, (15) Oral Roberts vs. (3) Arkansas, (11) Syracuse vs. (2) Houston, (5) Creighton vs. (1) Gonzaga, (4) Florida St. vs. (1) Michigan, (11) UCLA vs. (2) Alabama, (7) Oregon vs. (6) Southern California.

Sweet 16 play starts on March 27th and ends on the 28th.