Recent Mass Shooting Calls for Another Gun Debate

Recently there has been another mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. Ten people lost their lives, including a police officer who was the first to respond. With two massacres happening in less than a week, the debate on gun control has been reignited for many living in the states.

As Americans, though it is jarring to admit, hearing about mass shootings does not feel as shocking as it should be. This year, more people have been killed and injured in mass shootings than died in any year starting from 1966 – 1981. This is because the weapons that have been used are far deadlier in recent years.

Throughout our lives, we have all lived through many mass shootings, especially in America. Though many of us have not actively been in one, we still hear about them on the news. We still hear about the families and friends that were affected. We still hear about the pain and sadness the community goes through.

Despite the constantly terrible news about these shootings, it is crucial to keep your perspective. These massacres are only a tiny percentage of all deaths in the U.S. and only a small percentage of gun deaths. As stated in the first paragraph, the more these kinds of things happen, the more accustomed we get to them. A lot of us probably do not realize just how many shootings we have lived through. However, the sheer magnitude of what happened in Boulder this week should not be diminished. It’s a tragic loss, and sooner or later, gun debates need to have some merit.

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